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New AR Features, Accessibility Icons, and EV Charging Information Arrive on Google Maps

 Lookup using Live View large cities like London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo are where it first comes.

Google Maps

In the upcoming days, Google Maps will receive a new augmented reality feature that enables you to utilize your phone's camera to discover what's around. The Search with Live View feature will also include accessibility symbols and a tool to help users find the best EV charger, the company announced on Thursday.

As you wander around London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, or Tokyo with Search with Live View enabled, Google Maps will provide pertinent information about what it sees through your camera. This covers places like hotels, restaurants, ATMs, and street names. All users need to do on Google Maps is tap the camera icon next to the microphone.

The modification is an illustration of Google's efforts to modernize its services by fusing the data-collection capabilities of our phones with the strength of its sizable informational databases. Although typing in information is a valuable method, Google's developments in this area with cameras and augmented reality are intended to help us understand the world around us more directly.

For owners of electric vehicles who need to charge their vehicles, Google Maps has undergone another major modification. You can use the latest Google Maps to filter charging station information to identify fast chargers or plugs that are compatible with your electric vehicle (EV).

Additionally, Maps will now include wheelchair icons for individuals who require accessibility alternatives.

The general Google Search experience will also get some other upgrades. On Thursday, multisearch will now include questions on food. Using the Google app's Lens feature, you may capture a screenshot or take a picture of a dish you'd like to sample and then add the phrase "near me." This reveals eateries in the area that provide that meal.

According to Google, the Lens AR translation system also performs better at deciphering signs and other materials written in foreign languages and displaying the translation in your language. This is particularly helpful when attempting to understand a menu written in a foreign language.

Sneakerheads will also be able to view 3D renderings of the sneakers they want to purchase via augmented reality.

Later on Thursday, Google announced it will make it simpler to shop for cosmetics by displaying how a certain makeup item will seem. 148 new models in the collection come in a range of skin tones to complement yours. When you search for beauty items on Google, a variety of models wearing makeup will be shown. Comparison of the before and after photos will be possible. To make a more wise judgment, people might pick the model whose skin tone most closely resembles their own.


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