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How to view your MacOS saved passwords


MacOS saved passwords

If you need to access any of the saved passwords on your MacOS device, follow these steps.

I'll start by saying that you should should use a proper password manager for this, like Bitwarden. Many users, meanwhile, aren't eager to stir things up with yet another program.

If you use MacOS, you don't need to add a separate tool because the operating system already includes one. In MacOS, each time you save a password, it is saved, protected by a second password, and still readily available to you.

Why does that matter? First off, knowing that they are only a few clicks away allows you to use incredibly strong passwords.

Additionally, you can guarantee that these passwords will always be very difficult to guess by using the MacOS password suggestion tool, which appears whenever you need to create a new password for a service.

After all of this, how can you employ this MacOS feature? Actually, it's fairly easy. Before you worry that this would create a security risk, keep in mind that the passwords are encrypted and that you need to input your user password in order to access the feature. Therefore, even if you unintentionally leave your laptop or desktop unlocked and walk away, the passwords are still concealed behind a layer of security.

How to view the passwords you've saved in MacOS

Enough said. How do you utilize the function? Let me demonstrate.


The only thing you'll require for this is a MacOS-powered device. I'll be showing you how to do this on a MacBook Pro running MacOS Ventura 13.0, but the procedure should be the similar on the majority of current OS versions. The UI will alter significantly if you are using a MacOS version older than Ventura, but the instructions should be the same.

Ready? Let's do this.

1. Open System Settings

Click on the Apple button in the top left corner of your desktop and click System Settings. 


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